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Positive Parenting
This website has some helpful tips on parenting, along with some great articles.
Fun Brain
By scrolling down to the "Teacher Resources" section, you can find things like flash cards and curriculum guides. Both "Parenting Advice" and "Teacher Resources" contain numerous amounts of information on academics, including free games that can help your
Subjects and lessons are geared for anyone from PK-12th grade. Parents can gain information on child development, school help, and learn of different activities that are geared toward a craft, recipe, or a specific subject or holiday.
Stop Bullying Now
Information about dealing with bullies can be found here.
Drug & Alcohol Resources for Parents & Youth
Check out this resource page. It contains information directly related to Mercer County as well!
Drug Coalition Magazine
This information is from Orange County, Florida, however has some GREAT information about drugs and alcohol facts and prevention
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