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German EDays

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German EDays

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Hallstatt Austria, Houses along Water and Mountains
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Remember if you do not complete the tasks you will 1 be marked unexcused for that class period, and you will also lose the points that are attached to the assignment.   For me this is usually 20 points each unless otherwise noted/discussed.
Deutsch 1 
Day 1 - Free-time and leisure activities reading. Pick 2 of the 3 articles and answer the questions
Day 2 - Read the short letter and answer the questions. Then, write a short response. 
Day 3 - Write a short story using weather and activities vocab.

Deutsch 2: 
Day 1: Märchen - fairy tales.  Identify the fairy takes' names in English. 
Day 2: Watch 1 short fairy tale video, create a summary, questions and comparision to the original.
Day 3:Complete the vocab work and short writings about books and reading materials. 

Deutsch 3 AND Deutsch 4.
Book Project.   Day 1 - write about your favorite book.  Day 2 - find vocab needed that is associated with the book. Day 3 - create a "flyer" promoting this book.

FTA - follow the guidelines for completing assignments - proper English, typed, etc.
These can be completed as lists.
1- Find out what your teacher does during their snow/etc. days. 
2- If you were a teacher, what would you do? Why?  
3 - Search the internet and find information about snow/weather days in other countries *at least 2*.
For what reasons might schools close? (snow/rain???) Is it something that is common? Why/why not?  Include your source(s).  
For each day -
Collect pictures from friends and classmates about what they did these day.
Create a short write up about them, including a quote.

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