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Hallstatt Austria, Houses along Water and Mountains
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Remember if you do not complete the tasks you will 1 be marked unexcused for that class period, and you will also lose the points that are attached to the assignment.   For me this is usually 20 points each unless otherwise noted/discussed.
Deutsch 1
Day 1 - House vocabulary and culture lesson. Read through the cultural differences/notes and study the vocabulary. Quiz in class.
Day 2 - Project - dream house part one-drawing of house, after the notes.
Day 3 - Project - dream house part two-writing about house, after part one.
Deutsch 2:
Day 1: ,,Fastfood'' reading and answer questions A-L (questions on sides of pages) on a separate page in German and student matching - decide which student says what (1-15) (activity #1 on S.48).
Day 2: Respond to the ,,Fastfood'' reading. 
- print out , or write answers on another page you can turn in.
Day 3: Prepare a 40 Second speech about your eating habits. Talk about - your favorite foods, foods you don't like, and some healthy eating habits. Etc.  And of course, auf Deutsch!! Call my ,,google voice" number (given out in class) and record yourself. Be sure to say who you are before you start talking about food.

Deutsch 3 AND Deutsch 4.
You have several options -  
See the directions page for information.  
FTA - follow the guidelines for completing assignments - proper English, typed, etc. 
These can be completed as lists. 
1- Find out what your teacher does during their snow/etc. days. 
2- If you were a teacher, what would you do? Why?  
3 - Search the internet and find information about snow/weather days in other countries *at least 2*.
For what reasons might schools close? (snow/rain???) Is it something that is common? Why/why not?  Include your source(s).  
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