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<span style="font-size: 24pt">TSA TEAMS

For many years Celina High School has entered the Engineering Competition sponsored by TSA (Technology Student Association). The Competition is called the TEAMS test where TEAMS stands for: Test of Engineering Aptitude in Math and Science. In this case, TEAMS has a dual meaning because the test is taken cooperatively by a team of 8 students working together.


TEAMS is an academic “pencil and paper” competition that challenges the students to use the real world applications of math and science. It requires students to think critically and analytically about engineering concepts; not just memorize and recall math and science facts. For this reason, TEAMS is designed for students to truly work together and in an open-book, open-note and open discussion format.


The competition offers a varsity level for 11th and 12th grade students and a Junior Varsity level for 9th and 10th grade students. Celina High School usually sends two teams in each category to this event.


The test is taken during the month of February each year and is held at regional locations all across the country. We choose to attend the regional held at Ohio Northern University which often is among the 4 largest testing sites in the nation. With this one score, the team is initially placed at the regional level then later at the state level according to school size divisions. 

CHS Teams at the Annual TSA TEAMS Competition held at ONU

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