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The College Visit

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When to begin:
      Students will want to begin exploring colleges during their junior year. Juniors and seniors are permitted 2 college days per year.  
Before you visit: 
      Find out as much about the college as you can from the following sources:
  •  College websites (see links listed on this website)
  • Local college fairs
  • College Admissions representativs who are available during lunch periods
  • College catalogues and literature available in the Media Center and Guidance Office 

How to request a college day: 

      Juniors and seniors wanting a college day may:

  • Request a "College Day Visitation" form in the Guidance Office.
  • Students must then contact the college to set up a time and date for the visit. (College contact information is available on this website)
  • Once the visit has been scheduled, the students must have each teacher sign the form. The top portion of the form must be returned to the attendance office prior to the visitation day.
  • The bottom portino fo the form should be signed by an official from the college and returned to the attendance office the following school day.
  •  The college days will not count against a student's attendance record.

Things to consider when choosing a college: 

      It is important to consider what you want in a college, and then compare the various colleges you visit. Here are some importantquestions to ask yourself and the admissions reps you speak with. 

  • What size school do you want? Large or small?
  • Where is the school located? Large city, suburb, small college town? Will you be comfortable in this setting?
  • How far is it from home? How often will you be able to get home to visit?
  • Does the school offer the major program that you want?
  • What are the admission requirements? Do you meet these criteria?
  • Are there additional requirements to get into the program you want?
  • When is the deadline for applications?
  • How much does it cost? Consider everything! Tuition, room & board, books, transportation all cost money!
  • What type of houseing is available? Or, will you commute from home?
  • What type of finanicial aid is available? What is the deadline to apply for financial aid? 
  • What types of activities are available for students? Athletics, music, Greek Life, Clubs, etc...

Applying to college FAQ's:

      Once you have narrowed your college choices, it is time to begin the application process! Here are some FAQs and the answers you need to make this process as smooth as possible:

When should I begin?

  • You will need to start applying for college early in the fall of your senior year. 
  • Be aware of deadlines for admission applications! They will be different for each college. DO NOT send an application on the day of the deadline and expect it to reach the college on time!

Where can I get applications? 

  • Many applications are available in the Guidance office. Check to see if the application you need is available. If not, we can always call and request one from the college. 
  • More and more colleges are promoting online applications. Check the college website to see if this service is availble.
  • Common App - apply to multiple colleges with one application 

I am ready to apply, now what?

  • Take time to sit down and thoroughly complete your portion of the application. Some colleges will require an essay. This is an important part of "selling yourself" to the college. Take the needed time to make sure your applications and/or essays show a good reflection of your accomplishments. 
  • Most colleges require an application fee. Be sure to include this with your application.
  • All colleges will want a copy of your high school transcript. You will need to sign up for this through Parchment (there is a link on the high school page).
  • Some school will also have a page for the High School Counselor to complete. Please inform your counselor when you are completing an application so they are aware of the page to fill out. 
  • Please allow at least 5 days for counselors to process your application. 

When will I find out? 

  • Many colleges now allow you to track the progress of your application online. Check the college websites for details.
  • The notification of acceptance varies for each college, look carefully on the application for notes about acceptance.

 How many colleges can I apply to?

  • You may apply to as many colleges as you choose, however, keep in mind that nearly all colleges have some type of an application fee. These fees can be costly when you complete multiple applications.
  • It may be wise to categorize the colleges you are seriously considering. Which is the first choice? Which is the "dream"? Which is the "sure thing"? This may help to narrow the field when you are considering applications. 
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