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Social Sciences Teacher

Wally Ellinger, Social Studies Teacher



  • Celina High School, 1967
  • Ohio Northern University. 1967 - 1969
  • Wright State University, 1969 - 1971
  • The Ohio State University, 1995 - 1997

Experience (Past & Present)

  • TEACHER, Celina Schools, Comprehensive Social Sciences Certification:

-         CurrentlyWorld Studies, Sociology, Contemporary World Issues

-         Jobs for Ohio Graduates (JOG) Instructor

-         Intervention Academy Instructor

  •  Other positions, licenses held, past and present:

-          Executive  Director, Mercer County Family Crisis Network, ; Hot-Line Instructor; and Coordinator

-          Group Therapy, Duluth Model, U.S. Certification

-          Social Worker, State of Ohio

-          Real Estate Broker, State of Ohio

-         Sales Manager, J. Decker Sales & Marketing  (OEM/Aftermarket Automotive)

-          News DirectorWKKI Radio , (Ohio Radio-Telephone Licensee w/Broadcast  Endorsement)

          Other Information About Mr. Ellinger
  • Resides in Celina, Ohio
  • Charter Member, Phi Alpha Theta National Honor Society, Wright State University
  • Children:  Jason, 39; Kendra, 35, both graduates of Celina High School and The Ohio State University.  Jason lives

            in Columbus, Ohio, a Securities and Investment Advisor for Edward Jones.  Kendra lives in Monroe, Ohio, a Commercial                           Loan Underwriter for Fifth Third Bank, Cincinnati.

Please feel free to contact me at: 

E-Day Assignments 2018

2019 E-Day Assignments 
E-Day # 1 - (for 1/24 cancellation) - Due to Mr. Ellinger on or before FEB. 7.  
Finish reading Mod 1 in text. Send/share to Mr. Ellinger your answer, in 1 - 4 paragraphs, to the question: How did the theory and practice of democracy  develop and shape the world today? Provide specific examples.  Send/share/hand in to Mr. Ellinger <wally.ellinger@celinaschools.org>
Read about Max Weber's "Model of Bureaucracies" (Ch. 3, Sec. 5, p. 75, Text); THEN, draw a a chart (see example on page 76) of  our  little bureaucracy, Celina High School. Share/Send/hand in to Mr. Ellinger, <wally.ellinger@celinaschools.org>
Describe one of the contemporary issues listed below) facing the U.S.  Thenevaluate what you think will be the likely real-world outcomes as these issues develop/play out over time (explain your thinking).
1.  Immigration
2.  North Korea
3.  FBI Investigation re: Russian interference in the U.S. election process (Mueller probe).
Share/Send/hand in your work to Mr. Ellinger <wally.ellinger@celinaschools.org> 
E-Day # 2 - for 1/30 cancellation - Due to Mr. Ellinger on or before FEB. 13
"Make the Connection": Review what you have learned from your text and other work in Mod 1-2 about how religion has influenced the development of democracy.  Consider how important issues in American society and history have been influenced by our religious traditions (sometimes change involves conflict concerning long-held policies and beliefs).  You are to write an ESSAY, a paragraph that identifies and describes one (1) of these issues (beliefs/policies/attitudes) AND then write how our religious traditions and values may have influienced how we have approached/interpreted/changed our attitudes toward that issue.
Share/Send/hand in your work to Mr. Ellinger <wally.ellinger@celinaschools.org> 
First, Read Ch. 2, Sec. 3, "The American Value System," pp. 44-46, about Traditional American Values.  You are to write an essay about something in your own experience that is an example of one of these traditional values. Then, identify two of these American values that could be in conflict with each other, providing an example (sometimes when we adhere to one value, it could put us in conflict with another).  
Share/Send/hand in your work to Mr. Ellinger <wally.ellinger@celinaschools.org>
Write an ESSAY: Make a suggestion for a public service project that this class might take on this semester.  The project should have both practical and symbolic value, and provide opportunities for the class to mature and learn.
Share/Send/hand in your suggestions to Mr. Ellinger <wally.ellinger@celinaschools.org> 
E-Day # 3 - for 1/31 cancellation - Due to Mr. Ellinger on or before Feb. 14:
Write an ESSAY: During the reign of Charles II, king of England, Parliament passed the Habeus Corpus Amendment Act.  This established a democratic right that our founding fathers incorporated into the Constitution of the United States of America. What is the right of Habeus Corpus, AND, give an example of how this right might be enjoyed or denied today.  
Share/Send/hand in your work to Mr. Ellinger <wally.ellinger@celinaschools.org> 
Write an ESSAY: In the ongoing controversy regarding whether human behavior is more a result of "nature" (biology,genetics,instinct), or "nurture" (environmental influences) , where do you stand at this point? Identify your polsition, and support/defend that position the best you can.
Share/Send/hand in your work to Mr. Ellinger <wally.ellinger@celinaschools.org> 
We are going through a particularly contentious period in our nation's history.  Just one of the issues that we can't seem to find progress or agreement on is the issue of "CLIMATE CHANGE."  Write an ESSAY that represents what YOU think the problem/issue is.  Is it a mirage, a hoax, a cataclysm waiting to happen? What is standing in the way of consensus on this issue?  What is the "end game?" Has the issue been overblown?  Is there a way that the science and the politics of this issue will come together to resolve this?  Must we wait for a new generation of leadership?  A catastrophe?  Moreover, how do YOU see the issue? How do you think it will all end?  Don't be shy . . . what's going through your mind on the issue of CLIMATE CHANGE?  Share/Send/hand in your work to Mr. Ellinger <wally.ellinger@celinaschools.org>    
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