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Assessment Capable Learners

This infographic gives a quick overview of ACL and the components involved.  Notice the ‘effect size’ chart at the bottom from John Hattie’s research. Any effect size greater than 0.40 is considered an accelerating strategy. ACL has an effect size of 1.44

As part of our work with the  Ohio Improvement Process [OIP], the District Leadership Team [DLT] was tasked with identifying a strategy that could be implemented districtwide & would have a positive impact on student achievement.


In early 2017, our DLT chose Assessment Capable Learners [ACL].

In doing so, we made a long term commitment to learn about this strategy, to determine how to make it most effective, & to establish a framework for success in CELINA. 

ACL Slideshow
ACL slideshow explaining the components and intended outcome of our strategy.
ACL Handout
ACL Handout (PDF version)
ACL Practice Profile
Descriptions of what ACL looks like in practice
Descriptions of what ACL looks like in practice
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