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Dear Celina Community Members,

Since returning our students to classes in September, we continue to have great success with disinfecting the buildings and keeping our students safely in our school buildings. We continue to hear from our staff about how well the students have been behaving to start the school year. They are listening as well as they ever have and are so p;leased to be able to be back at school. 

We have had great success with running our extra-curricular programs including the athletic  programs and are preparing for the Autumn Theatre production of a “Seussified Pride and Prejudice.” We are nearing Fall tourney time and thank you for all of the support you are providing to our students.

The success of a public school district is tied directly to the support the school district receives from its residents. The November 3, 2020 ballot contains a Renewal of our property tax levy for Celina City Schools.

This levy would go into effect on January 1, 2022, and would run through December 31, 2026. This levy only collects a set dollar amount. The effective millage of this levy will drop with this renewal, as we are experiencing higher property valuations in the Celina area. The Celina City School District will not receive an increase of tax revenue with this levy. The Celina City Schools will collect the same amount of money as we have in past years. 

The Board and the administration are stewards of community funds and are continually looking for ways to trim expenses. The State cut our school’s budget by more than one million dollars, due to the state’s shortfall of funds from the coronavirus pandemic.

This levy is for operating purposes, not for new buildings. New buildings are still needed, but now is not the time to ask for those additional funds. We are not running the building levy at this time because we are aware of the financial hit which many local businesses and individuals have realized due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

The emergency operating levy was first approved in 2000. The school district will collect the same amount of dollars from this levy as we have in past years. Even with the increase in property valuations, the Celina City School District would not receive more dollars for this levy than we have in past years.

Celina City Schools maintain a safe learning environment, where our students continue to show academic growth. We offer many activities for our students (Ag classes, fine arts programs, Honors classes, sports,  etc.) which are made possible because of this operating levy. 

Go Bulldogs!!!

Dr. Ken Schmiesing
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