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FBLA 2019 competes in the State Leadership Conference.
Talent Night CHS 2019.
Valedictorian Grant Wagner and Salutatorian Mya Lockwood.
CHS Mock Trial Team.
Mock Trial Award Winners in Competition.

High School Home

Students create roller coasters with paper and tape.
Mrs. Graves and Mrs. Bucklin’s Senior Math Concepts classes created roller coasters using only cardstock and tape. They were required to include a loop, a funnel, two sharp curves, and three wide curves. The goal was to create a roller coaster that took the longest amount of time for a marble to reach the bottom. Students had to calculate the average speed of different sections of the track as well as the cost of building it.
Project based learning in Geometry

by Paige Bader, Geometry teacher

Lately there has been a push towards project based learning and assessing through methods other than the every day paper & pencil test.  Our Geometry class wanted to see what all the hype was about, and man did we get great results!  The students were instructed to build a tin man or house out of cardboard boxes, toilet paper rolls, etc.  Next they measured the dimensions to calculate the surface area of each 3-dimensional figure.  The number calculated was used to gather the correct amount of aluminum foil to cover the surface area of their project.  The students displayed great collaboration and communication skills, all while discovering that math truly is used in the real world!

Joe Baltzell and Mya Lockwood of the National Honor Society.
National Honor Society President Joe Baltzell and Treasurer Mya Lockwood deliver notices and carnations to the new inductees of National Honor Society who will be formally inducted on Sunday, April 28, 2019 at CHS Lecture Hall at 5:30 PM (desserts) and 6 PM (ceremony).
FBLA 2019 members compete at State Leadership Conference.

On March 14 and 15, 2019, Celina High School Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) members attended the State Leadership Conference at the Ohio State University Student Union in Columbus.  Over 460 students from across Ohio were represented at the conference where students attended workshops and competed in business related contests.  Celina students placed in the top 10 in 16 competitive events.  Those students who placed in the top three in an event qualify to compete at the FBLA National Conference, June 29-July 2, in San Antonio, TX.

The following students received awards:
Sage Houts, Ethan Kerzee, Chase Wolford – 3rd in Accounting 1 and 5th in Business Calculation
Brandon Noll – 2nd in Business Calculations, 3rd in Computer Problem Solving, and 5th in
Accounting 1 
Mason Heller, Kobey Simpson, Lauren Higgins, and FBLA Advisors Carol Bader and Christina Sutter.

CHS Student Council to Host Ohio Association of Student Councils 66th Annual State Conference

66th Annual State Conference On March 15th, 16th, 17th, 2019 

Congratulations to Celina High School Student Council upon being selected to host the 2019 OASC State Conference.  The goals of the conference are:

       -To enhance student leadership skills

-To expose students to national speakers and programs to inspire them into action

          -To develop self-confidence

-To provide students with projects and ideas to improve their home schools

          -To inspire individuals to motivate and guide others

-To build new relationships and improve past relationships among students throughout the state



Hosting this conference is a HUGE honor for Celina.  However, it means that Student Council must recruit residents of Celina and neighboring communities to act as host homes for the 200-300 delegates from all over Ohio.  Responsibilities of a host family include:

       -Breakfast for the students for Saturday and Sunday morning

          -Transportation to and from the High School

          -A floor to sleep, (yes, just a floor), students can bring sleeping bags

And, Student Council must raise funds to meet the financial requirements for the event.  If you are willing to host delegates in your home AND/OR make a donation, please fill out the form below and return it to:

Celina High School

ATTN: Kristen Kerns

715 East Wayne Street

Celina, Ohio 45822

Please use this form to donate money and/or host Student Council students.
Please use this form to donate money and/or host Student Council students.

The Top Ten at CHS

Congratulations to CHS’s class of 2019, Valedictorian Grant Wagner and Salutatorian Mya Lockwood (shown above)! Top 10 include Lilly Gramza, Emma Lutz, Kendra Truesdale, Haley Siegrist, Kaston Eichenauer, Graham Gower, Megan Morden, and Logan Muhlenkamp.
CHS Mock Trial Team. Celina Mock Trial Team Competes and Advances

The Celina Mock Trial Team went to Marion Ohio on January 15th to compete in the Ohio Mock Trial District competition. The two teams from Celina did very well. Celina Green earned two Outstanding Attorney awards for Graham Gower and Lillian Gramza; and an award for Outstanding Witness was given to Geordan Muether. Celina White received Outstanding Witness for Skyy Jackson’s performance. Overall, Celina Green won both of their cases and advanced to Regional competition, which will take place on February 15th.”

Our members listed:

Graham Gower – Attorney

Lillian Gramza - Attorney

Connor Glass – Attorney

Tyler Johnson - Attorney

Olivia Felver - Attorney

Solomon Hierholzer - Attorney

Trenton Fuson - Attorney

George Gramza - Attorney

Alex Poor - Witness

Chase Wolford - Witness

Megan Morden - Witness

Geordan Muether - Witness

Skyy Jackson - Witness

Samantha Exman - Witness

Holden Cubberley - Witness

Cindy Sheets - Witness

Madina Davlatboyeva - Bailiff

Mason Muether - Bailiff

Sidney Stewart - Timekeeper

Alexander Ebright - Timekeeper

Jonathan Shaffer - Timekeeper

Fletcher Stroth - Timekeeper

Peyton Homan - Alternative

Shelby Sinclair - Alternative

Prom Dress Exchange at CHS
Shop 1-4 PM on January 20, 2019
Call 419-953-5228 to learn details for selling your items! 

New! FinalForms Online for Students!

Click and read below for the letter of explanantion for FinalForms from Mr. Metz, Mrs. Esselstein and Mr. Fortkamp.
Then click and read the Parent Playbook for how to set-up an account for your student on Celina Schools' 
FinalForms. All forms will be done through this registration online.
Click and read here the FinalForms Letter with Directions and Link to Register your child online for all Celina Schools' FORMS at CHS.
Click and read here for how to set-up an account for your student on Celina Schools' FinalForms. All forms will be done through this registration online.
Welcome Back!
Be sure to visit Twitter or Facebook for the latest news!
 Senior Page Link for Important Dates and Info  
Senior Picture Upload for the Anilec Yearbook 
Instructions to Upload Your Senior Picture:
1. Access Herff Jones Web site at: http://www.hjeshare.com/eShare/Index.jsp 
2. Type in the access code for our school which is: celina  (type all lower case!) 
3. Fill in your information completely.
4. Follow prompts and upload ONE senior picture. Picture should be portrait orientation. Head to waist photos are best so there is not a lot of landscape. (Your photo is only going to be about 1-3/4 x 2-1/4 in the yearbook).
Photos should be uploaded by February 28, 2019. Your photographer may do this for you.  


Place your photo into an envelope in the front office and write your name (first and last) on the ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE ENVELOPE (NOT THE PICTURE!) , and place in the designated collection box, located in the front office. 


Top Five Students for Class of 2018

Top down in order:
Sara Wenning – Valedictorian; Madeline Elston – Salutatorian; Blake Germann; Paige Duncan; and Kassidy Fark

Yearbooks as Holiday Gifts Offered at CHS

Still looking for that perfect gift for your teenager?

Click Here for the New Yearbook Movie

Order a 2019 yearbook now before the price goes up on December 31, 2018.
Cost is currently $70 and will go up to $80. 
Order online at http://www.yearbookordercenter.com and use Number 13892
 Or click below for a form and bring the money in to the CHS Office.
The yearbook staff will provide the gift giver with a special gift certificate for opening at Christmas.
Yearbooks are completed and come in September 2019 for pick-up.

Tornado November 2017 Clean-up Detail

Student cleans up tornado debris. Some Staff and Students from Celina High School spent the day cleaning up debris after the November 5, 2017 tornadoes in Celina.

Ohio Means Jobs

Ohio Means Jobs logo.

Ohio Means Jobs is a resource available by the State of Ohio.
Its purpose if to help parents, students, teachers, counselors and community members
work with students on their Career Planning Information.. Click Here for a toolkit of helpful info.

Click here to begin your Student Back Pack Planning tool.

New Celina Spirit Squad and Celina Athletic Boosters App

 The Celina Spirit Club and the Celina Athletic Booster Club have teamed together
to bring a fun and rewarding activity to the school and community.

They have purchased a cell phone app that can be used to collect points and win prizes
when users attend events.

The app is called The Dog Pound and is free through the app store on your cell phone.

First, download the app.
Second, attend an event, open the app, and check in.
Third, your cell phone GPS will verify your location and assign your account points.
Fourth, collect points and win prizes (for students only).

Show your Spirit by attending and rooting on the Bulldogs!



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