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Chicago Art Trip & New York Fine Arts Trip
Mrs. Amy Sutter
Stratford Shakespeare Festival
Mrs. Katie Gudorf


Each year Celina High School enters the Engineering Competition sponsored by the Technology Students Association (called TSA) TEAMS Competition. The Competition is called the TEAMS test where TEAMS stands for: Test of Engineering Aptitude in Math and Science. TEAMS has a dual meaning because the test is taken cooperatively by a team of 8 students working together.


TEAMS is an academic “pencil and paper” competition that challenges the students to use the real world applications of math and science. It requires students to think critically and analytically about engineering concepts; not just memorize and recall math and science facts. For this reason, TEAMS is designed for students to truly work together and in an open-book, open-note and open discussion format.


The competition involves a varsity level for 11th and 12th grade students and a Junior Varsity level for 9th and 10th grade students. Celina High School traditionally sends two teams in each category to this event.

The CHS Team mambers are selected each year by the Math and Science Departments.  Practices begin in mid January.


Scholastic Bowl Team
Mr. Hal Hoover

This club is open to all students who wish to compete on an academic level with other local schools. The annual Scholastic Bowl competition is conducted through Wright State University Lake Campus with many area high school from northwest and west central Ohio. Participants should be prepared to practice for this activity before and after school hours especially during the months of January through March. The selection process includes teacher recommendations. Interested students should contact the club advisor and listen to the daily announcements regarding this activity.

Mock Trial
Mr. Dan Gudorf and Mrs. Tess Watson 

This co-curricular activity affords the student the opportunities to experience the legal system in an in-depth and participatory fashion. Students study and present a legal case in a competition format. Listen to daily announcements that alert students to attend an orientation meeting to learn more about this activity.

The German club allows students who are enrolled in German language classes to explore more about the German language and culture. Students participate in activities such as Christmas caroling in German at local nursing homes; planning and participating in the bi-annual student trip to Germany; planning and attending the annual foreign language banquet. Meeting times for this co-curricular club vary according to need.

Spanish Club
Mr. Hal Hoover and Mr. John Higgins

This co-curricular group meets at various times throughout the school year. The group explores further information shared within the classroom. Meeting dates and times are announced by the instructors in the classrooms and during the morning announcements.

This group's primary purpose is to alert the student body of the dangers of impaired driving and impaired behavior. The group is very active throughout the school year in the promotion of a variety of positive awareness activities. These usually include an extensive Drug and Alcohol Awareness week complete with a nationally renowned speaker in the Spring of each year. An aggressive campaign via daily announcements, flyers and posters inform students of the regular advisory meetings.

Future Business Leaders of America
Mrs. Carol Bader and Mrs. Christina Sutter

Any student who has taken or is currently taking a business class is eligible for participation in this club. This Celina club is among the largest and most active FBLA organizations in the state. Its primary purpose is to expose students to a myriad of business opportunities and careers. Students meet regularly throughout the school year. One of the main goals of the club is to raise the funds necessary for members to participate in business skills-related competitions at the local, state, and national levels, as well as for attendance at the respective meetings. Information about the club meetings is available through the daily announcements.

Media Center Volunteer Assistants 
Mrs. Sheila Baltzell-Linn

The Media Center provides a unique opportunity for students to serve their school during a trimester and earn 1/4 credit (one-time only credit) while working in the media center during a period. Ask Mrs. Baltzell or a counselor. Upon her approval, students may register for the class. Students learn to run all of the computerized programs in the media center including the card catalog and circulation programs. They also learn how to use the Internet, online reference sources on INFOhio and SIRS. Students learn research and interpersonal skills for working with patrons of the media center. Some students help on the web page, help patrons with word-processing, laminating, transparency-making and more. Oh yes, they also learn to locate and reshelve books, too. These students must maintain good grades and behavior and possess pleasant personalities as they assist the media specialist in this extensive variety of media center tasks. Documentation of their time is kept in their individual file in the counselors' offices.
Book Club
 Mrs. Sheila Baltzell-Linn
This club meets during I/E period (once a month ~ date TBA) and collectively read the same title so that they can discuss it at the next monthly meeting. Lunch is served at the discussion meeting. Open to all high school students and staff.

Office Staff
Main Office and Guidance Volunteers

(Chosen by building secretaries and guidance counselors.) These students must maintain good grades and behavior and possess pleasant personalities as they assist the secretarial staff in an extensive variety of office and counselor tasks.

PLAN (Pre-ACT Test)
Mrs. Wendy Gabes


(National Merit Scholarship Foundation Qualifying Test)
Mrs. Wendy Gabes

Spirit Squad
Mrs. Alicia Ball


Representatives from each class are selected by their peers in an annual election. The group's primary responsibility is to communicate with their classmates issues regarding the school's programs, curriculum, physical facilities and student code of conduct. The group is encouraged to make suggestions in a collaborative setting where consensus building strategies determine suggestions for change and improvement. In addition, the group is responsible for the Fall and Winter Homecoming activities. 
Student Council Officers:


Kaston Eichenaur

Vice President

Reilly Cox


Lauren Anderson


Zach Haines

Public Relations

Zoey Homan


Senior Class Officers

President:          Noah Shrock
Vice-President:  Brooke Robbins
Secretary:          Grant Wagner
Treasurer:          Macey Thees


 Junior Class Officers
Mrs. Chris Sutter and Mr. John Higgins

(Elected by their classmates during the junior and senior years. They participate in a variety of class-related activities.)
President: Gavin Nash         
Vice-President:  Rianne Daniel
Secretary: Lauren Higgins
Treasurer: Zach Haines


Select students who have earned a 3.5 grade point average and who have completed community service activities as well as demonstrated leadership skills are eligible for membership into the NHS. Eligible students are also rated by the classroom teachers on the same criteria prior to induction. Membership requires students to maintain the ideals of the organization and to be involved in a variety of service projects. Interested students must complete an application.

PRESIDENT- Kassidy Fark
SECRETARY- Sara Wenning
TREASURER- Hope Ebbing



reQuest Literary Magazine (or something like it) 
Mrs. Carrie Cubberley

Each year a group of interested students work to produce the school's literary and art magazine in a most attractive and professional format. The group selects student writing (several genre) and artwork from a large resource bank that is contributed from the English and art departments. Art teacher Cristy Hess directs the art selections. Students apply all sorts of skills related to editing, computer lay-out and design and sales and promotion. The group meets at regular intervals throughout the school year. Morning announcements and attractive flyers alert the students to orientation meetings for this activity.


Students may sign up for the class to produce the Celina High School Yearbook, Anilec.




 Instrumental Music Concerts & Competitions
Mr. Chuck Sellars and Mr. Shawn Snider

Students are afforded a wide variety to instrumental music activities. Students are required to have attained the necessary elementary and middle school training to participate in these programs. These activities include:

  • PEP BAND - A select group of students chosen from the marching band ranks, this group performs at pep assemblies and at home basketball games. Students recieve no credit for this activity.
  • MARCHING BAND - Open to grades 9 - 12; this band performs during the Summer and Autumn seasons as well as competes at the district, regional and state levels; a curricular offering; participates receive credit
  • JAZZ BAND - A select group; students must audition for this band; curricular offering for credit; performs at various events throughout the school year
  • CONCERT BAND - General band that competes and performs at various times throughout the Winter and early Spring; students are placed in this band at the discretion of the director; curricular offering for credit
  • SYMPHONIC BAND - A select (audition required) band; competes and performs during the Winter and early Spring; curricular offering for credit.


Vocal Music
Mr. Joel Trisel

Vocal music studies and co-curricular opportunities that students may participate in for credit include:

  • ACAPPELLA CHOIR - A curricular offering for credit; open to any high school student who possesses above average vocal music ability; several required concerts and competitions outside the school day; participation via instructor recommendation/ audition.
  • CHAMBER CHOIR - A curricular offering for credit; select group determined by a required audition; advanced or outstanding vocal music and performing ability; several required concerts, productions and competitions outside the school day.


Autumn Theatre Play
Sheila Gudorf and Jon Gudorf


 Spring Musical
Sheila Gudorf and Dan Gudorf

Students interested in the performing arts can audition for major productions conducted each year. The Spring musical requires an approximate twelve to thirteen week commitment by the student to prepare and rehearse for these productions. For those individuals who do not possess the musical talent and/or the interest in performing, opportunities "behind the scenes" in the areas of  painting sets and assisting in minor construction are available.

Autumn Theatre is much the same with an eight week commitment.

Contact the Gudorfs' at 419-586-1494.






Business Professionals of America
Tri Star Business Teachers Lynne Ray and Lisa Sheppard

Students enrolled in a vocational business program are eligible for membership in this organization. Members compete at the local, state and national levels in skills-related competitions in the areas of office specialist and practices; software applications, information sytems technicians, and interactive media.



Ag Tri-Star Advisor, Future Farmers of America

Students enrolled in any of the vocational agricultural programs are eligible for membership in this prestigious organization. Students promote the importance of the agricultural industry in our daily living and economy. In addition, related competitions and excursions at the local, regional and national levels are afforded these participants. The group attends the National FFA Convention annually.

Family, Career & Communtiy Leaders of America (FCCLA)
Mrs. Bonnie Dahlinghaus and Mrs. Michelle Langmeyer, Advisors

Ohio Skills USA
Ryan Turnmire, and Jim Dorsten  


Future Teachers of America
Miss Sarah Zabka

Any student interested in a teaching career and/or in assisting a district teacher should contact a guidance counselor. That individual will be assigned to a teacher to assist with a variety of tasks ranging from grading and paper tasks to tutoring students within the classroom setting. Students interested in this organization should be highly responsible and pleasant and maintain good grades, attendance and behavior.




Varsity C Club and Athletic Council
Mr. Jeff Fortkamp

VARSITY C - Any athlete who has earned a varsity letter in an interscholastic sporting activity receives honorary membership into this organization. The group is not active in any other capacities. ATHLETIC COUNCIL-This is not a student group; instead, it is comprised of the building principal, athletic director, superintendent, student council advisor, a board member and representatives from the athletic booster club. The group discusses athletic-related issues and makes recommendations for change and improvement.

Individual coaches,
Statisticians for all sports
Each year most of the coaches advertise via the morning announcements for interested and responsible students to keep statistics for their respective sports. Interested students must be ambitious and responsible. Most interscholastic sports utilize student "stat" personnel.

Applied Physiology Training Program
Mrs. Krystal Gates

Students enrolled in the applied physiology curriculum are required to train for an assigned sport where they apply the mechanics of first aid; prevention and rehabilitation to student athletes who have been injured. Student trainers closely monitored by the district certified trainer/instructor and local doctors and rehabilitative personnel. Students must meet certain academic and personal requirements to be considered for these classes and related training responsibilities.


Jeff Fortkamp, Sportsmanship Committee

Each year select student athletes from the member schools of the Western Buckeye League meet monthly to share ideas and suggestions to promote the ideals of good sportsmanship within their respective schools. Members of this committee are chosen by the district athletic director.


  • Wrestling-Junior Varsity and Varsity
  • Football-Freshman, Junior Varsity and Varsity
  • Basketball-Freshman, Junior Varsity and Varsity
  • Baseball-Freshman, Junior Varsity and Varsity
  • Track
  • Cross Country
  • Swim Team
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball-Freshman, Junior Varsity and Varsity
  • Softball-Junior Varsity and Varsity
  • Soccer-Junior Varsity and Varsity
  • Cheerleading-Freshman, Junior Varsity and Varsity
  • Dance 
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