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Curriculum Newsletters and Series'

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Curriculum Newsletters and Series'

Celina Curriculum Newsletters:
April 2022 - Volume 2 Issue 9
March 2022 - Volume 2 Issue 8
February 2022 - Volume 2 Issue 7
January 2022 - Volume 2 Issue 6
December 2021 - Volume 2 Issue 5
November 2021 - Volume 2 Issue 4
October 2021 - Volume 2 Issue 3
September 2021 - Volume 2 Issue 2
August 2021 - Volume 2 Issue 1

Bulldog Talk Podcasts:
Episode 15 (Betsy Crites)
Episode 14 (Sherry Kinzel)
Episode 13 (Craig Flack)
Episode 12 (Dr. Nicole Law)
Episode 11 (Kevin Draiss and Deb Simon-Heinfeld)
Episode 10 (Kevin Honeycutt)

Amplify in Action
Visit our Amplify in Action Series on our Literacy Website.

Celina Curriculum Catch-Ups
May 2022 (Vaughn Ray)
April 2022 (Vaughn Ray with Andy Mikesell)
March 2022 (Vaughn Ray with Michelle Duncan)
February 2022 (Vaughn Ray with Karen Sudhoff)
January 2022 (Vaughn Ray with Mark Huelsman and Olivia Graber)
December 2021 (Vaughn Ray with Kelsey Gudorf)
November 2021 (Vaughn Ray with Sarah Vantilburg)
October 2021 (Vaughn Ray)
September 2021 (Vaughn Ray with Laura Brandt)

You've Got Questions Series
Introduction (Vaughn Ray)
How We Approach Reading (Karen Sudhoff - Literacy Coach)
What Is ACL? (Casey Hinton - Celina Primary School Teacher)
What is LETRS and Amplify? (Laura Brandt - Literacy Coach)
Learning Targets and Success Criteria (Drew Braun - Celina High School Teacher)
Preparing for Testing (Zenia Adams and Mackenzie Schlepp - Celina Counselors)
Relay For Life (Lora Darras - Celina Middle School Teacher)
How Can You Help Your Child With Reading (Betsy Woeste - Celina Primary Title Reading Teacher)
Scarborough's Reading Rope (Christine Schlater - Literacy Coach)
Literacy Coaching (Sarah Van Tilburg - Literacy Coach)
Summer Enrichment (Vaughn Ray)
District Leadership Team (Toby Siefring - Celina Intermediate Teacher and District Leadership Team Member)
What is PBIS? (Renee Simcoe - Celina Elementary Guidance Counselor)
PBIS at Celina Primary (Eric Woeste - Celina Primary Guidance Counselor)

Past Curriculum Newsletters, Podcasts, Catch-Ups, and You've Got Questions can be found in our archive.
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