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Word Art "Blizzard Bags" . . . snowflakes in the background.
Thursday, January 31, 2019
The Blizzard Bag #3 Assignment has been posted to Google Classroom.  It will be due by 2:20pm on Feb 14.
Stay Warm and I'll see you in February!
Wednesday, January 30, 2019
The Blizzard Bag #2 Assignment has been posted to Google Classroom.  It will be due by 2:20 on Feb 13. 
If you do not submit it on time you will be considered unexcused for the eday that took place today . . .
You may print the assignment and turn it into the tray or you may submit it online in the google doc. 
Email me if you have questions and please stay INSIDE today!   
Thursday, January 24, 2019 
Hey All!
I posted the assignment for Blizzard Bag #1 to our Google Classroom.  Due by the end of the school day on Feb 7.
Please email me with questions and be safe today!

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This is a photo of Ms. Dirksen posing in front of a Celina Bulldog mural.
Hello there!
I'm Katherine Dirksen and I teach science related courses and help coach volleyball here at Celina High School.  
I am native to Maria Stein, OH so even though I was born with Flyer genes, I bleed Bulldog Green!  
The Teacher:
I graduated from Hillsdale College where I strictly focused on studying Biology and Chemistry.  I completed the teacher education program at Siena Heights University and since becoming a teacher at Celina High School I began work towards a Master's Degree in chemistry education.
In my mind, the science standards are only a starting point of my job as an educator and I hope that your student at the very minimum also manages to gain an appreciation for the natural sciences and can see the application and need for the field in their own respective interests. 
Oftentimes, my students give me the impression that they think I expect each one of them to go and become rocket scientists or neurosurgeons, when in reality I think that's a terrible idea . . . if you're passionate about rockets and the human brain . . . go for it.  If not there's plenty of science to go around . . . find your niche. 
The world is a diverse place and it would be lame if we did not have different interests, talents, personalities, and learning styles.  I would say a big part of my role as a science educator is helping each student find, embrace, and own these traits so that they can figure out their own detours . . . and have the satisfaction of reaching the destination.    
For instance, one of my sisters is a very talented artist who still has a rather strong aversion to science related topics.  She called me one day absolutely devastated because she knew that she was not capable of learning any chemistry and it was a part of her new ceramics class.  Now we talk "clay chemistry" all the time . . . in fact, I would say that I now have a greater appreciation for ceramicists . . . I didn't realize they many of them make their own clays and glazes! : D
The Coach:
I was an All-American track athlete for the Hillsdale Chargers.  Although my school record was broken recently, if you visit the college my All-American picture still hangs in the sports complex there.  #FunFact.  While I was at Siena Heights University I was an assistant track coach for the throws and distance programs and I currently help with Marion Local's track program so if we run into each other at a meet that's why I have blue and gold on.  
I love volleyball . . . and typically drop everything for a chance to play.  I was a state champion in high school and picked up theory and application courses throughout college and then some.  I also coach for Grandlake Volleyball Club and play in leagues year round. 
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