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Celina City Schools

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Celina High School
715 E. Wayne Street
Celina, OH 45822
Phone: 419-586-8300 X 1500
Fax: 419-584-0307

Typing German characters - hier klicken  

Useful online dictionaries: - helpful because it has full expressions, words' plural forms, verbs in different forms... - be sure to click Deutsch/Englisch - said to be more accurate that

Listening to Austrian radio:  - Radio station broadcasted live out of my school in Austria. Songs and commentary in German, English, Croatian, Hungarian.... - Burgenlands site for news and in the top right corner the link for the radio. Plays mostly "Schlager Musik", has links to pod-casts too. - Pop-music radio station aus Wien! Many songs in Englisch (NOT edited - i.e if swearing was taken out on American radios you would hear it) mixed with popular German songs. Commentary, weather reports etc. in (Austrian) German.

Online news:
Deutschland: (has a page auf Englisch too)


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