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Fall Fundraiser Pick Up Information   

The CMS Fall Fundraiser pick up day has changed! Fundraiser pick up will now be November 4, from 1:00-3:30PM in the CMS gym. All items MUST be picked up at that time and will not be able to be taken home with the student on the bus. Please arrange to have someone pick up these items on this date, at this time as the items need to be refrigerated and we do not have sufficient storage to keep any items left behind.
CMS Musical Info

Congratulations to the following students for being selected to be a part of the CMS Musical Cast:

Stanley – John Robinson

Arthur – Ethan Ly

Mr. Lambchop – Nathan Fortkamp

Mrs. Lambchop – Karissa Hoying

Caleb/Chorus – Caleb Suhr

Jackson/Chorus – Nathan Moore

Jacob/Chorus – Christian Aukerman

Cousin Sophie/Chorus – Brianna Miller

Bulletin Board/ Chorus – Kayla Brunswick and Samantha Stambaugh

Mrs. Cartero – Camryn Stoner

Doctor Dan/Chorus – Graham Gower

Nurse Betty/Chorus – Shelby Sinclair

Cool Kids/Chorus – Mason Heller, Zach Slaven, Corey Griffith, Colin Kittle

King of the Cool Kids/Chorus – Isaiah Schnell

Birds/ Chorus – Micaela Wenning, Emma Sweeney, Hannah Stouder

Hollywood Agent/Chorus – Lauren Cubberley

Hollywood Assistants/Chorus –Morgan Finn, Sarah Mann

Samantha – Rianne Daniel

O. Jay D’Art/ Chorus– Jacob Poor

Mona Lisa/ Chorus– Elizabeth Mann

Napoleon/Chorus – Braydon Adams

Sneak Thief /Chorus– Joe Warner

Herb Wavecrest/ Chorus – Josh Campbell

Kiki/ Chorus – Ariel Musgrave

Assistant Director/ Chorus – Peyton Homan

Bikini Wahini/ Chorus – Kendra Truesdale

Chorus – (Crowd, Go-Go Dancers etc…)Karry Thompson, Aleisha Mott, Tracy Felix, Munisa Jumabaeva, Sarah Mann, Elizabeth Harting, Aisha Saleem, Becca Stein

October 20, 2:30-3:30
pass out scripts & CDs, discuss rules, etc.
Middle School Choir Room

2015 Washington D.C. Trip Information

Dates: April 27, 28, 29, 30, May 1 & 2, 2015
(Leaving Monday 4/27 @8:00PM & returning Saturday 5/2 @ 6:45AM) 
Cost / Payment Information:
Cost = $700.00/Student
(cost includes: transportation, meals, insurance, hotels, exhibit fares)
Payment Schedule: Please make checks payable to Celina Middle School 
1st Payment: Friday, October 17 = $220.00
2nd Payment: Friday, November 14 = $180.00
3rd Payment: Friday, January 16 = $150.00
4th Payment: Friday, February 20 = $150.00
(Entire trip cost must be submitted by this time)
(Fundraiser money earned is deducted from the last payment)
CMS FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: When are the Washington DC payements due?
 A: 1st Payment: Friday, October 17 = $220.00
      2nd Payment: Friday, November 14 = $180.00
      3rd Payment: Friday, January 16 = $150.00
      4th Payment: Friday, February 20 = $150.00
       (Entire trip cost must be submitted by this time)
      (Fundraiser money earned is deducted from the last payment) 
Q: When is the Washington DC Parent Meeting?
A: Wednesday, September 24 6:00PM in the Celina High School Lecture Hall
Q: What is AMPD?
A: An encore class taken for one 9 weeks in both 7th and 8th grade, focusing on Argument, Mechanics, Poetry & Drama.
Q: What is LAW?
A: An encore class taken for one 9 weeks in both 7th and 8th grade, focusing on Language Arts Writing.
Q: What is STEM?
A: An encore class taken for one 9 weeks in both 7th and 8th grade, focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering & Math.
Q: Are there HS credit courses at CMS?
A: YES. Health, PE & Algebra are all HS credit courses. Once you take and pass both years of Health, you will not need to take a health class in HS. When you take and pass both years of PE, you will only need to take one more PE class in HS. After you pass Algebra, you will receive 1 of the 4 math credits needed to graduate. 
Q: What time are students permitted to enter the building in the morning?
A: 7:00AM if they are going to the cafeteria to eat breakfast or 7:10AM if they are not eating breakfast. 
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