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Alumni Welcome Letter

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Alumni Welcome Letter

Celina Alumni Association Welcome Letter


Dear Celina Resident,


As a member of the Celina community, you know our schools are a source of great community pride. Whether you are a Celina Bulldog, an I.C. Spartan, or both—you’ll agree that our schools help define our city. The students and staff members of these great schools continue to achieve and make our community better. However, the community does not always know about the great things that happen every day in our schools.


In an effort to foster and develop pride, prestige, and partnership among alumni, students, and community and to promote the value of education as well as a legacy for Celina Schools, we are starting an Alumni Association. We are using the term “alumni” very loosely. We do not want to exclude people; we want to include anyone who has a connection to our schools! All graduates, parents of graduates, and former staff members of Celina City Schools and Immaculate Conception are welcome to join the Alumni Association. We would also like to invite anyone who has a child or grandchild currently attending a Celina School to join.


The bottom line is that we want keep the citizens of Celina connected to their schools! If you are interested in becoming a member of the Celina Schools Alumni Association, you can visit this webpage, fill out the information and make sure that you check the box to allow us to contact you.  We hope this facilitates an easier means of class reunions, as you can search different alumni on the webpage by: year graduated, school graduated from, or by e-mail. Another way to stay connected and join the Alumni Association is to “like” us at Celina Schools Alumni Association on Facebook: CelinaSchoolsAlumniAssociation. We will regularly be recognizing new members, announcing different community and school events, and becoming more connected!


If you are interested in becoming an Alumni Association sponsor as a business, family or individual, please contact a member of the Board of Directors or the Executive Committee.  Your name and logo will be published on our Alumni Association Facebook page, school’s website and continuing recognition at future events. Donations can also be sent to the Civic Foundation.  Business sponsorships start at just $50, and families can become sponsors for $25.  Please mail all membership/sponsorships to Courtney McKirnan at 1349 Michael Avenue, Celina.  Please make all checks out to: Civic Foundation.


If you are interested in helping keep our schools connected with our community by joining the Executive Committee, please contact us.  We need volunteers and are open to any ideas you may have. We are excited to grow and look forward to your support!


Courtney McKirnan: phone - 419.953.3679 or email - [email protected]

Jacob Fledderjohann: phone - 419.953.1665 or email - [email protected]




The Board of Directors:                                                          The Executive Committee:

Dr. Ken Schmiesing                                                                Courtney McKirnan, President

Connie Paulus                                                                         Jilly Roy, Vice-President

Randy Grapner                                                                       Amy Poor, Secretary

Julie Fleck                                                                               Carey Luebke, Treasurer

Jason Luebke                                                                          Jacob Fledderjohann, Events Coordinator

Derek Wenning


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