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Physical Science

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Physical Science

Celina High School
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This course is designed to introduce students to the science that deals with the composition, structure, properties, interactions and transformations of matter. Students will experience hands-on science through laboratory investigations and class activities. Physics topics covered will include: motion, force, laws of motion, energy, heat, waves, and electromagnetic radiation. Chemistry topics covered will include: classification of matter, properties of atoms and the periodic table, chemical bonds, chemical equations and nuclear change.


     -Chapter 3 - Motion, Acceleration, & Forces
     -Chapter 4 - Laws of Motion
     -Chapter 5 - Energy
     -Chapter 9 - Heat & States of Matter
     -Chapter 10 - Waves
     -Chapter 13 - Electricity
     -Chapter 18 - Classification of Matter
     -Chapter 19 - Properties of Atoms & the Periodic Table
     -Chapter 22 - Chemical Bonds
     -Chapter 23 - Chemical Reactions
     -Chapter 26 - Stars & Galaxies

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