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eDay Assignments

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eDay #1

 Spanish 1
1) Go to Study Spanish (click link) (link on my website also) and click on "Verb drills" at top.  Next, select "Just -ar verbs" to the left of the
page.  Click on "Click to generate unique quiz" at top.  Choose to generate "25" questions and answer "no" to "include vosotros?". Select "make quiz".  Take the quiz and print page with results and submit.
2) Do the same thing for "Just -er verbs" and "Just -ir verbs" and remember to print out results and submit.
Spanish 3 
1)  Go to Study Spanish  and click on "Vocabulary" at the top.  Select any of the units to the left side of the page and choose any 2 vocabulary topics (both don't have to be from the same unit).   Familiarize yourself with the vocabulary, then take a) the "quiz" and b) the "test" for each and print pages with results and submit.



eDay #2

Spanish 1
 1) Watch the video relating to weather "Talking about the weather" 
 2) Go to Study Spanish
 3)  Click on "Grammar" at top of page
 4)  Click on #25 "Weather Expressions"
 5)  Read, then click on "Basic Quiz"
 6)  Print out results and hand in 
Spanish 3 
1)  Go to Study Spanish and select "Grammar" at top of page.   Click on "Unit Eight", then "Formal Commands".  Take a) the Basic Quiz and b) the Mini-Test.  Print out results and submit both.


eDay #3

 Spanish 1
 Research "Semana Santa" en Spain on the Internet.   List/cite your sources
1) List 6 facts about Easter celebrations in Spain.
2) How are religious practices carried out?
3) How does this celebration compare to how you celebrate Easter? 
Type responses and submit them.  Make sure that you have answered with enough detail or risk having to re-do the assignment.

 Spanish 3
Go to Study Spanish and click on "Verb Drills" at the top.  Click on "Preterite Tense" to the left, then "Regular Verbs".  Select "Generate Unique Quiz" and select "20" questions.  Don't include "vosotros".  Take the quiz and print out results and submit.
Now select "Imperfect Tense" and do the same thing.  Remember to  print out results and submit.
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