Classifed Job Opening -
July 17, 2017
1.  Teacher @ Head Start
     177 days / 8 hours
     Time:  7:45 a.m. - 4:15 p.m.
     Head Start pay scale:  $17.99 per hour
Must have bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education and proper licensure.
2.  Teacher Assistant (Floater) @ Head Start
     Supports both Rockford and Ed Complex full day programs
     180 days / 6 hours / $14.00 per hour
     Time:  TBD
Work as a team with teacher to provide daily developmental learning models to promote school readiness, social emotional skills, and family and community engagement.
- Must possess an AA in Early Childhood Education
- Previous experience with preschool age children
- Basic computer skills
- Ability to communicate and interact with parents and co-workers
- See job description attached to bid sheet.
Apply by 3:00 p.m. on July 21, 2017
3. Teacher Assistant @ Middle School
     187 days / 6.75 hours
      Time: 7:15 am - 2:30pm
       *Must know sign language
 -     The Sign Language Interpreter (SLI) provides interpreting and other support services to          students with hearing impairments who, to the extent possible, are mainstreamed in the       regular education school classes.
  -  Other duties may be performed when not required to provide interpreting may include             tutoring, note taking, participating in educational meetings.
  -   See Job Description attached to job bid in Central Office.
Apply by 3:00p.m. on July 26, 2017
Certified Job Openings - None at this time














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