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Mock Trial

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Mock Trial

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Mock Trial
Advisors: Mr. Dan Gudorf & Mrs. Tess Watson 

This extra-curricular activity affords students the opportunities to experience the legal system in an in-depth and participatory fashion. Students study and present a legal case in a competition format.  
All students are welcome and encouraged to join!  See either Mr. Gudorf or Mrs. Watson for more info.
Meeting Time: Mondays and Wednesdays after school 
2017 Case: Pat Justice v. CAT News, et al. 
Case Summary  
In the 2017 case, Pat Justice v. CAT News et al., students will consider a case of defamation of a public official by a news station. Pat Justice recently ran for re-election as Governor of the State of Ohio. During the campaign, Trillium High School’s We the People club invited Governor Justice to speak during the lunch hour. Afterward, the Governor met with a student in the principal’s office. Principal I.M Veritas was a rival of Governor Justice in college, and once the two were alone, an argument began which ended with the Governor storming out. As the Governor left, Principal Veritas suffered a fatal brain aneurysm and died. A student reporter heard the argument and reported to a local news affiliate CAT News that the Governor had killed the principal. While it was disproven quickly, the story went viral. Governor Justice lost the election and has now filed a civil suit against CAT News, alleging defamation. The former Governor will seek to prove that the station published the story with reckless disregard to the truth and that the story damaged his/her reputation and cost him/her the election.
2016 Case: State of Harmony v. Riley Green 
Case Summary 
AJ Bryant has attended the medieval fair in Buckeye, Harmony for several years, and is hoping that this year’s archer costume is authentic enough to win the costume contest. AJ is attending the fair with a friend, Sam Jones, who lives near the fairgrounds. As they are walking to the fair, the pair stop at a convenience store and while inside, AJ causes a disturbance while playing in character with a bow and arrow. The store owner calls the police.  Officer Green arrives on the scene and finds Sam and AJ arguing in the parking lot. AJ pulls out the bow and arrow, and Officer Green makes the decision to use deadly force to prevent further harm. Officer Green is charged with felonious assault and the case has been bifurcated; the Court will first hear testimony on the Defendant’s affirmative defense that the use of deadly force was justified. This case will explore the Fourth Amendment protection against unreasonable searches and seizures as it applies to the use of force by an officer to deter or eliminate the threat of harm to the public and officer.
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